Disney World Cliffs Notes

We took both little ones to Disney World in November, and since then I have had a few friends ask for our recommendations. Here they are, for better or worse!


For starters: it was so much more fun than I thought it would be with two kids. I was expecting major crowds, over-exhausted, etc etc, but it was actually so nice & manageable.

~ We stayed in a time share, so we didn’t stay on a Disney property. You will definitely want to make reservations for a character breakfast in advance though. They get booked up.  I recommend “Chef Mickey” at the Contemporary. You get all the major characters there, including Mickey.
~ We did a special night in the park when we got there because it was Mickey’s Christmas Party. We got to enter the park at 7pm and stay as late as we wanted, and most of the rides were open, characters were out, and it was really Christmas-y. The next day we went back to Magic Kingdom to do the rest of the rides that we couldn’t do the night before, but we were in by 9 and out by 3. You can bring food & drinks into the park with you, so we packed sandwiches and snacks so we didn’t have to bother with the over-priced Disney food. If you decide to eat though, everything in the park is really good. Ellie’s favorites were in the “new” Fantastyland – Goofy’s rollar coaster, Dumbo the flying elephants, tea cups. We also did a Little Mermaid ride that she liked, and Pirates of the Caribbean (a little dark, but she was fine). You can bring a baby on all the slow rides and just hold them, which was a nice surprise for us. I thought someone was going to have to sit outside with the baby for them, but we could bring her on a couple.
~ The next day we did Wild Animal Kingdom and it was fantastic. There is a 25 minutes safari that you can take and see the animals really close up. We were so surprised how fun Animal Kingdom was. There was a whole Dinosaur bones digging area that Ellie wanted to stay in all.day.long. Also, my parents were with us, so they took the kids on a ride and my husband and I got to check out Expedition Everest, an AMAZING rollar coaster. We rode it like 3 times. We loved it. There is a great parade at the end of the day there. Also, it seemed like the lines to meet the characters were shorter there than in Magic Kingdom, and that’s where Ellie got pics with Minnie, Mickey, Chip & Dale, Donald, etc.
~ We had such a great time though, and I think 1 day in each park was fine. We didn’t leave thinking “oh I wish we had more time to do X”.
~ In terms of strollers, we brought our single umbrella stroller because with all the monorail transportation, its easy to fold it up and pop it open again. We also brought our Ergo carrier and someone wore the baby when our 2 year old wanted to be in the stroller. For the most part though, in the park, Ellie wanted to be free of the stroller. This is why I recommend bringing grandparents along, too.
~ Do you have any favorite tips & tricks for navigating Disney with kids?! Leave them in the comments!
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