Thanksgiving in April

I’m always looking for new things to feed LJ so that she can be exposed to lots of different textures and tastes and really learn to love food (just like her mama). I can see us in another year or so, cooking together in the kitchen all day, just like I do everytime I am with my mother. Its just something we Hudson women like to do. Stand in the kitchen and cook. And sip vino. Or apple juice, in LJ’s case.

thanksgiving in a cup

I bought some ground turkey, and wanted to make something for LJ and the adults. I cooked it in a pan with some salt and pepper, and let the fat drain off in a collander. For the adults, I boiled some pasta, added sauteed leeks and green peas and a touch of ricotta then added some of the ground turkey. I added some herbs de provence to the leeks while they cooked, and added some fresh basil at the end. For LJ, I ground the turkey in the food processor once it was cooked, and added it to some of her pureed green beans. It was like a little mini Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey and green bean, hooray!

The funny thing is, LJ must not metabolize tryptophan like the rest of the world. The girl was off-the-wall-so-excited-to-be-only-in-a-diaper-head-butting-the-couch all night long. What a turkey!


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