SkipHop PlaySpot Hits The Spot

It would be great to have a spot for LJ to play while we’re cooking dinner in the kitchen. Its hard to keep her in the living room in the back of the house, with the gate up, and be so far away from her. Half the time she stands at the gate and yells for us, and the other half the time she’s climbing onto or under something that she shouldn’t. But mama’s gotta cook and the jumperoo is so passe in our house! So, we got the Skip Hop Playspot yesterday and I am already loving how it works in our kitchen area.

spots are the new black

It comes with 20 tiles that you can remove and customize in any way you want. I only used a 4×4 grid for the kitchen, so I am going to take the remaining 4 tiles and make a small mat for LJ to sit on by the back slider. Its non-toxic, which is great and really colorful. She got pretty psyched to sit on it 🙂

I love my mat! But I don't love pants


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One Response to SkipHop PlaySpot Hits The Spot

  1. Diana says:

    Love it! And it looks like she does too! I really wanted to get something like that but they stopped selling all foam mats on december here and I just learned the ban is going to continue until july! Skiphop sounds like a good mat – I went on to look at their materials and everything 🙂

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