First Playgroup – First Blunder

Today LJ and I headed to our first playgroup as a “mobile” pair. Usually all the playgroups for the Mother’s Clubs are on weekdays, but with this one falling on a Sunday, I was really excited to meet all the moms. I dressed LJ in a cute little outfit complete with her skinny jeans and driving mocs, and made sure she had eaten her breakfast before we left. When we arrived at the home of our lovely host, she had cute name tags for everyone. I made one for myself and one for LJ, which I had to put on her back because she was going to pull it off her shirt. We sat down in the living room with another new mommy and her 4 month old son, and we got to talking. LJ was sitting on my lap, and must have pulled my name tag off without me noticing it (by “must have” I mean, “she definitly did”). The next thing I know she is PROJECTILE spitting up her bananas from breakfast. She has a very strong gag reflex, and when she’s choking on something, she’ll just spit it all back up. A very good thing. So, at this particular moment, I have no towel, no bib, no NOTHING and the poor mother I’ve just met offers her burp cloth, and points out the half eaten and half spewed name tag hanging out of LJ’s mouth. 5 minutes into playgroup, and I’ve already let my kid choke and throw up. Winning!

After that I really felt like me and this new mommy would be good friends. I mean, if she was still willing to talk to me and offer to meet up again after my great display of “parenting skills”, then I might have a shot.

Once we got past all that, the playgroup was really fun. I can’t wait for the next weekend playgroup, and I’ll watch out for those nametags.

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2 Responses to First Playgroup – First Blunder

  1. Kate says:

    OH NO! poor LJ, and poor mama! Wish I lived closer. Eze would love LJ, I’d love her skinny jeans and her mama, and everyone would embrace her amazing vomiting ways.

  2. Oh no! So funny though – you’ll laugh at this later! Or maybe you are already πŸ˜‰ I agree, we’d love LJ here too. Wish we could have play dates! Liv has a lot of skills to show off as well. haha πŸ˜›

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