How to Make Turnips

The turnip is a little intimidating. I always saw them sitting there next to the carrots and fennel, but never really knew exactly how to prepare them. Turns out its easier than making scrambled eggs. Or cereal. So. Easy. And delicious!

Here’s what they look like before.

before: one peeled, one not

Wash them off to remove any dirt, so you don’t get it on your cutting board. Then peel them with a veggie peeler. They almost resemble radishes inside, white and nice and  crisp. I cubed 3 of them like this: cubed & steamed

Steamed them for 20 minutes, and dumped them right into the food processor. They were so light, almost the consistency of apple sauce but a little more savory, a little less sweet. They were so nice, all steaming and warm right in the food processor but I put them in the ice cube trays and froze them for my LJ.

turnips, yum

I am thinking the best pairing will be sweet potatoes, but I could also see throwing a little pastina in here too. OR avocado. LJ lives for ‘cados, and she’ll eat them with pretty much everything. Any good suggestions on what to mix a little turnip puree with?! What ELSE can I do with turnips for adults?

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