Coney Island & Aquarium

On the first nice weekend of “spring”, we took a road trip down to Coney Island. The man of our house was flying in to JFK after a fun trip to Vegas, so we figured we’d spend the day close to the airport so we could pick him up in the evening. The rides at Coney Island weren’t open yet, but the boardwalk was bustling with people, strollers, and “regulars” who were already shirt-less and tanning. A trip to Coney Island isn’t complete without a Nathan’s dog and I was so excited to have my first! Hopefully next time we come back LJ will have teeth and can also enjoy a hot dog. For now, a bottle will have to do.

The NY Aquarium is on Coney Island as well, and we all know how LJ feels about fishies. We started in the “Along the Coast” section. There were sea lions, seals, and two huge walrus that were certainly the show-stoppers. Papa carried LJ around from tank to tank and stood her up on the railings so we could watch. We’re not sure what she liked more; all the animals, or watching the other kids run around! This was no small city aquarium…there were huge sharks, a really cool jellyfish exhibit and clean bathrooms throughout 🙂 So key when you have a kid in diapers!

i love fish

Our trip to Brooklyn wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a beer bar. We headed up to Williamsburg with another hour to kill before we had to pick up our peeps at JFK. Barcade was a perfect bar for a baby, and LJ made two other little friends there. She had her bottle, we sampled the brew (Full Sail IPA hit the spot), and then we said good-bye to Brooklyn. Can’t wait to go back when the Cyclone is open!

barcade in brooklyn

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