Visit to Long Island Children’s Museum

New York City may have the Met, the Guggenheim and MOMA but right here in our own backyard on Long Island, we have the Long Island Children’s Museum. Located in Hempstead, NY, its about 20 minutes from our house so we decided to check it out with some friends and their 2 year old this morning. Admission was $10 a person, but our little sub-1-year-old was gratis. As was the parking! So key!

We arrived at 11am on a Saturday, so it was pretty crowded. There were three birthday parties, though Brigida looks like she had the MOST gifts (lucky girl), and stroller parking was pretty much full. We found a spot for the BOB, and we were off. Where to first!? A quick spin through the Bubble Zone (suds everywhere), then onto the indoor playground. O (2 years old) really loved the slide in the “TotSpot”. While most of the kids in the museum were already walkers, there was a play spot for kids under 1 years old. That was called the “Snug Boat”, and Ellie had fun wiggling all over the place in there.

Both LJ and O (and their parents) rocked out in the music room. From xyelephones to bongo drums, the kids are encouraged to bang on things and make noise. What’s not to love about that? There were step stools located throughout the museum so that the younger kids, like O, could still interact with all of the exhibits.

All in all, we’d go back again when LJ was a little bit older for sure. There was a lot to do, and we easily spent 2 hours with 2 kids. Not as easy feat! Oh, the bathrooms were REALLY clean and had changing tables. Huge wins there. If all else fails, you can still hit up City Cellars for lunch after the museum. Family friendly, great food and great drinks. Eat your heart out, NYC!

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2 Responses to Visit to Long Island Children’s Museum

  1. Great post and great pictures! Sounds like everyone had a great time. Is LJ cruising already? Time is flying way too fast.

    • Thanks! The museum was really fun. Yeah, there is no keeping up with her now. Tonight at my mother in laws she climbed up the stairs. She probably would have done the whole thing but we stopped her half way. KJ had to put our baby gate up at the top of our stairs today to try and contain her.

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