Stale Bread Redux

I am turning out exactly like my mother. Case and point: my morning thus far. When it comes to food, I can never throw anything out. I’m not sentimental with past birthday cards, newspaper clippings, or stuffed animals that were gifted to my once-newborn. No. Only food. There’s always something that can be done.

Take this morning, for example. When I woke up at 5:30am to head to spin class, my 8 month old was sitting up in her crib wide awake. The gym would have to wait! 15 minutes later, KJ heard all the ruckus and joined his girls. 6am and playing in the tent in the living room. Good times. Since we were all up so early on a work day, I decided to make us french toast. To the freezer I went!

oooo la la

I had frozen half a loaf of a nice french baguette about 2 months ago. If you zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds, it softens enough to slice. Soak that bread in enough eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon and you have yourself some DELICIOUS french toast.

resting in the egg bubble bath

Or, as LJ calls it, “bababababababababa”. Moral of the story, don’t throw out stale bread. The end.

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