Phil & Teds – The Lobster

snug on the kitchen barBe still my heart. I met the FedEx man at the front door because I have been waiting for this package to arrive ALL DAY. I first saw The Lobster when TheBabyGuyNYC Tweeted about it, and after checking out the Phil & Teds site, I was hoping this seat would work for our family. LJ’s high chair was probably one of my worst baby item decisions. I didn’t know what we’d need, and I wanted to have it on my registry list, so I just picked one online that looked like it got the job done. It certainly has done its job, but its huge. Our kitchen has a nice breakfast bar and that’s primarily where we feed LJ. If an adult wants to sit in a chair and feed her, her tall high chair needed to be up against the bar, making it impossible to then fit 4 adult stools. The the high chair takes up one of the seat spots. We then started using just the top to the high chair on top of one of our nice leather stools (its removable from the stand, which is nice), BUT it makes imprints in the leather. PLUS still takes up one stool spot. With the Phil & Teds Lobster, LJ can have her own spot PLUS we can still fit 4 adults in chairs at the breakfast bar. Winning!!

small as a purse

It was the easiest thing I have ever put together. I pulled it out of the carrying case, read the instructions, unscrewed the bars enough to fit in on the granite, and screwed them back up really tight. That’s literally it. Then you stick the kid in. See. Happy kid 🙂 And we get our kitchen back!

I just received it today, so I obviously haven’t traveled with it yet, BUT its literally smaller than any purse or bag that I carry, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Its fully washable too, which is good, since ya know, LJ is an 8 month old and blowing raspberries with sweet potato in her mouth makes her happy.

Its 2 hours old in my house, but I think its a KEEPER. I hope it will really fit her until 37 lbs, as they claim. It doesn’t seem THAT big, but we’ll see. For now, pass the lobster, please!

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2 Responses to Phil & Teds – The Lobster

  1. Kate says:

    I want. I love Phil&Teds with every inch of my being. so so so so so awesome.

  2. Kate, order one! Its so light and can literally fit in a stroller basket. love love 🙂 what other phil&teds stuff do you have and love?

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