What I’m Giving Up For Lent

The beginning of Lent marks the official countdown to Easter. Ellie’s first visit from the Easter Bunny! This year I decided to make a sacrifice and give up something for Lent. The “given up” item should be something that creates a noticeable absence in your life. So, goodbye liquor. No more bloody marys on Saturdays and no more martinis. I’ll see you again in May.

Wake me up when it's Easter

I also wanted to add something positive that will bring a new joy as well. Introducing the “Lenten Pick-up.” I am “picking up” a dedication to my gym schedule. No more sleeping in until 7:30am on weekdays. Now I have to get myself out of bed and to Equinox 4 mornings a week at 6am and run outside on the weekend. My days feel more complete by the time I get to the office, and I know that when I step through the door at 6pm, I don’t have to leave LJ’s side. Nothing could make me happier than that.

Anyone else giving up anything for Lent?

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