Squish Squash Apple-Squash

This is a funny little rhyme that I made up one day while I was feeding LJ applesauce. I sang it to her, and she smiled so wide, showing off her toothless little gums and I sang even louder. The higher the volume, the more she swayed her head from side to side and cooed and clicked her tongue. This is about the time when I need to lower the shades in my kitchen so I don’t scare the neighbors. I’d been known to seriously break it down for my LJ.

yellow summer squash

I decided to stay true to my word, and actually make apple-squash. I had applesauce already made in the freezer, but I actually hadn’t made yellow summer squash for LJ yet so to the food processor we go!

They were insanely easy to steam. I sliced them up and steamed them for maybe 25 minutes tops. They probably didn’t even need that much. So easy. Let cool, and puree away.

I mixed 2 ice cubes of yellow squash with 1 cube of apple sauce. I love how apples can add just the right touch of sweetness to everything (see previous avocado post) without an overwhelming taste. Don’t forget to belt out the song while spooning it in your munchkin’s mouth; Squish Squash Apple-squash!

ice ice baby

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