My BZ Ladies

Remember online chat rooms from way back in the late 90’s? You could pick from a list of topics, and AOL would dump you into a chat room with BikerGirl007 and IAmJonesy and you could chat chat chat (type type type) the night away. The anonymity allowed you to be your true self, someone completely different, or something in between the two.

Last October when I found out I was pregnant, I buried myself in internet research. When was I due? How big was the embryo? Is this normal? Is that normal? When will I get fat? I found after a Google search of “what is my due date.” I somehow found my way into the BabyZone due date clubs, and in the same way that I used to chat in AOL chat rooms, I found a group of woman who were also in the same boat as me. Due in July! Some were also having their first, some were having their last, but all were excited, anxious, scared, clueless, knowledgeable, smart, funny, beautiful soon-to-be mamas. I created an account, and I was hooked.

KJ and I didn’t tell anyone that we were expecting for the whole first trimester, and we did a good job of keeping the secret. My DDC on BZ was my safe-haven and my sounding board and I can’t imagine going through my first pregnancy without having a support group like them. We hit all the milestones together; dating sonograms, screening tests, end of first trimester, gender screening (unless you were TEAM GREEN), 3d sonograms, third trimester clumsiness, belly pictures, contractions, and finally, having our little summer babes! I was texting and posting on BZ from the delivery room. I think some of my BZ ladies knew about LJ before some of my “real life” friends.

Now that we’re all out of the due date club, and into the birthday day club, nothing has changed. We post daily to our Facebook group, we share everything about each other’s lives, husbands, childrens, parents, jobs, and parenting styles. We share pictures. We share stories. We share good news and bad news, and we never judge.

I cannot thank my BZ ladies enough for being such a special group of strong women. I can count on someone to respond to a 3am teething rant when my husband has rolled over into another dream, and that my friends, is a true blessing.

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