For My Sweetness (oats & mango)

I woke up this morning craving something warm and hearty for breakfast, so I pulled out the old-fashioned rolled oats. I wanted to make some for LJ too, but I thought the oats were a little too big for her 8 month old belly. Into the food processor they went! I put in about 1/2 cup dry old fashioned oats, and whizzed them around a couple times. They broke down pretty easily! I took about a tablespoon and a half and poured some water until it was just covered. I microwaved it for about 60 seconds, and stirred it around a lot in order to get a thick-ish consistency.

Oats & Mango

It was still a tad thick, so I added some defrosted mango puree that I had in the freezer (also from Whole Food’s 365 organic line of frozen veggies) and that seemed to make a perfect combo with the oatmeal. The cold puree also helped bring down the steamy temp from the microwaving. It was a sucess! LJ was a gobbling turkey this morning with something warm, sweet and hearty!

feed me

It wasn’t too bad for mama either 😉

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