Avocado for You, Avocado for Me

LJ and I are on our own this week. Dad is traveling to the west coast on business and even though we miss him terribly, we’re getting in a lot of girl bonding time on this coast. This week was the first week that LJ crawled across the living room floor when we walked in the door at the end of the work day, and its one of the best feelings in the world. I wanted to celebrate her momentous achievements in mobility by switching up her dinner routine a little. We tried a smashed avocado back in January, and LJ didn’t like it very much. With pursed lips, she moved her head from side to side, dodging the spoon. One thing I’ve learned is to try and try again when it comes to solid foods. I bought a nicely ripened avocado on my way home from the office, and sliced it in half. With my half, I made a delicious guacamole with a few ingredients I had in the fridge. With LJ’s half, I knew it needed a little something to sweeten it up, so I mixed in some apple sauce. Hey, people put mango and peach in their guac, why not apples??

The result? Pure baby food bliss. I couldn’t shovel it in her mouth fast enough, and she went through the entire half of an avocado plus 4 oz of apple sauce that I mixed in. I contemplated sharing some of mine with her since she liked it so much, but I didn’t think she was REALLY ready for jalapenos. Next time baby girl.

date night with my lj!

So, while dad was away, the mice did play. The cerveza was mamas! Ole!

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One Response to Avocado for You, Avocado for Me

  1. Peanut used to love avocado, but she’s currently going through a picky phase and isn’t interested in anything green. I, on the other hand, looove avocado. Great idea on mixing it with applesauce!

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