Pastina for My Italian Baby

Pastina is a teeny-tiny little cut of pasta that is perfect for a little toothless baby to swallow. The box that we bought was actually in the shape of little stars. Cute!!

I boiled some water, and poured about 1/4 a cup of pastina in the boiling water. It doesn’t look like much, but it actually does grow a little as it cooks. It doesn’t take long! 6-7 minutes at a rapid bowl, and you can drain it out into a bowl. I mixed 2 tablespoons of pastina into 2 table spoons of sweet potato, but you can really mix it with anything you like! Mix in a little water that it boiled in and some chicken stock, and carrots and you have yourself some baby chicken noodle soup. I think next time around I am going to add a little bit of homemade tomato sauce to give LJ the full effect of her Italian heritage.

I know I will come up with other uses for the pastina. Its a perfect “base” starch. Also, you can just make a little at a time since its always best to have fresh pasta. I boiled enough to just give LJ some lunch and dinner, mixed in with some frozen veggies. What else do you guys think we could add to it??

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3 Responses to Pastina for My Italian Baby

  1. Sounds and looks yummy! I think you could also try ground beef and veggies when she starts eating meats, or also a cream of french beans or peas since the skins that are sometimes hard to get rid of in the food processor can just blend in with the pastina texture – with a little teaspoon of organic colza oil for the Omega 3 brain food.

  2. oh I meant organic resposible agriculture non refined, not genetically modified extra virgin pressed colza oil 🙂 Or any good quality organic extra virgin oil as well!!!

  3. Sara says:

    When I was little my nonna would always make pastina for me. It’s something that I still enjoy to this day! There’s just something about a nice hot, creamy bowl of pastina.

    My nonna’s recipe is super simple:
    Cook pasta until soft (keep a little of the cooking water) drain. Add a tiny bit of milk and the cooking water. Stir in some parmesan chesse. Manga!

    Molto bene!

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