Baby Proofing Begins

First, she was just scooting around. Soon, her knees were under her and she was crawling. Today, she climbed over my lap, over her play bench and onto our couch. LJ, SLOW DOWN! We knew the day would come when we needed to seriously baby-proof the house, but I have been putting it off because I really didn’t think we were “there” yet. I was wrong!

I left her alone for 20 seconds playing with a book on my bedroom floor, and I came in to find her going through my clothes!

We bought two baby gates this weekend. One is to block off our family room from the rest of the house, and the other is to go at the top of our stairs. It is a special “banister” baby gate, and will be a permanent fixture, with a part that swings open when an adult need to get by. Perhaps that is a project to tackle this evening. Ellie is never really in the kitchen alone crawling around, so I’m not going to worry about those things quite yet, maybe until she’s walking. However, I really need to get serious about all the outlets and electrical chords. LJ, could you please SLOW DOWN so mama has the time to do all these things?!

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