aden & anais Swaddles Strike Again

These swaddle blankets are probably one of the best things that we own for LJ. We use them every single day for so many different things. When LJ was born, we swaddled her in these to sleep. I rolled them up and used them as a head bumper in her car seat. We used them as her blanket on the airplane when we traveled with her at 4 weeks because it was so easy to fold up and pack. When she started to lay on the ground more and play, they were her playmat. When she started sitting up in the grocery store cart, I used the blanket to tie her into a cart that was missing a strap. I leave one at mimi’s house, and in our car. When we hadn’t done laundry and run out of pack-n-play sheets, we even used an a&a swaddle blanket as a bed sheet. Simply put, they are WELL worth the $$$.

so many uses its not even funy

This weekend we found one more use for the soft muslin blankets. Driving in my parent’s car back to NY, the sun was in LJ’s eyes. We draped the blanket up over the window, and voila! Problem solved again. This is my go-to baby shower/baby gift. You’ll use them well beyond the first year!

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