Girl’s Night IN – Skype Style

Skype-ing has become a nightly occurrence in our house. My family is in Boston, but every night, they come into our living room or bathroom to be with LJ. I have to maneuver the laptop around the room as LJ crawls and tries to bang on the keys, but its all worth it to see her smile right at the computer in recognition of her grandparents and aunt.

Last night we had a three-way chat going while LJ took a bath. I had the laptop propped up on a laundry bin, and it wasn’t plugged in or anything, and well out of the way of a splashing baby. Safety first, of course. Its so nice to sit in my bathroom with a glass of wine, chatting with my sister and mom while we all watch LJ in the tub.

Its the new girl’s night out.

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2 Responses to Girl’s Night IN – Skype Style

  1. I love skype. It’s really given Peanut the ability to know members of her family she may not usually!! I think it’s awesome that you skype in the bathroom. We’ve done that a few times and it’s really fun!!

  2. Diana says:

    How fun! I’d love to be able to Skype that often, but the 7 hr time difference is so hard on us. Glad Ellie can see her family so often. Thank you technology.

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