Road Trip – Montreal

First vacation as a family of three, and it might go down as one of the best ever. While the total travel time to Montreal was just under 7 hours, we broke it up with good pit-stops in both directions. We left Long Island Friday morning around 8am, and by 1pm had made it as far as Glens Falls NY. We had lunch at the Cooper’s Cave Brewery (this blog could moonlight as a brewery blog, after this weekend). Perfect place to stop with a kid…nothing beats the combo of a high chair/changing table in the bathroom. Bliss.

We made it up to Montreal by 4pm. LJ took her first dip in the hotel pool, and we all showered up and headed out to Sho-Dan for dinner. When I tell you it was the greatest meal of my life, you might not believe me. Sushi? In Montreal? With a baby who needed to eat while you did? Yes. The. Best. Sushi. Ever. I’m not kidding how fast you need to go there.

Saturday we took another dip in the pool, headed over to the Olympic Park and the Biodome, a huge indoor zoo. Ellie was mesmerized by the animals and fish. We then realized that we have been to lots of zoos, but this was our first time with a kid! That’s sort of embarrassing. We go to brewerys + zoos. Not a bad combo. Saturday evening we headed to the mecca of meat, Queue de Cheval. We called ahead to see if they had high chairs or booster seats, and they did not. We borrowed a booster to bring, but when the hostess saw LJ’s big blue eyes and her pretty winter sweater, she gave us a great big round booth. The benefits of an early reservation!! I laid LJ’s head on my lap, gave her a bottle and she was out for a nap within 10 minutes. It felt like we were on a hot Valentine’s day steak dinner date but LJ was just right there! So perfect. LJ, that was the best Valentine’s Day gift you could have given us.

After LJ woke up in just enough time to flirt with our waiter, we headed to the highlight of the weekend and the reason for the trip up north; LJ’s first NHL Hockey game! Not many kids can say they were 7 months old for their first game! We were in the very last row of the Centre Bell, but it was actually perfect for us as we needed a little extra room with a kid in our laps. We shifted her from lap to lap during the game, and kept her hood on to block her ears from some of the noise. People around us couldn’t have been nicer, and everyone enjoyed checking out the baby. If you had told me 7 months ago “parenting” would be holding your baby on our lap in the last row of the Centre Bell while you enjoyed a sweet Molson Ice with your husband, I wouldn’t have believed you. But now I know its true 🙂

We stopped for a quick pit-stop in Lake Placid on our way home. It was a 30 mile detour, but we pressed our luck seeing as we might not be up there anytime soon. Plus, LJ needed to check out where she might be training with the Olympic hockey team one day. No pressure or anything.

My travel tips from this weekend:
+ We brought two bottles and a few 32 oz bottles of ready-feed formula. I would wash the bottles out in restaurant bathrooms once we used them, and cleaned them back at the hotel. Same goes for LJ’s travel bowls and spoons. I use a little powder formula container to put her food in when we’re in a restaurant. I normally make her food at home, but for traveling we used the Plum organic pouches. They were decent. When we eat, she eats.
+ I traveled with 3 bibs. Wash them in the sink immediately after eating so the food doesn’t stick on, and then hang in the hotel shower. The next day, you can re-use it again!
+Bananas are an easy travel food because they are so easy to puree. All you need is a plastic knife, fork or spoon, and you have instant baby food
+Always opt for a free hotel breakfast if you can. While it sounds nice to go out to eat, you never know when the baby will want to be out of the high chair, and you just spent $20 on a nice buffett and you only made one trip up to the omelette station. Not that I know. At all. 😦
+Don’t be afraid to try anything with a baby! Worst case, you leave. Best case, you have the best sushi meal of your life with your sweethearts.

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One Response to Road Trip – Montreal

  1. Kate says:

    This post made my heart hurt. If only I could drive to home to Montreal for the weekend…. I love this blog. You guys are just too cute (both mama and baby!). I’ll be back.

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